I firmly believe in the fact that over ninety percent of us are not destined to do great things. And in each one of us we have a hidden desire to do great things.

What to do?

I’ve found a good way which I want to share with you. We get our inspiration from what has been said wisely…

Each one of us cannot do great things! But surely each one of us can do small things greatly.

A few of us can and do influence history. Most of us then observe history. In my opinion one can give a different angle to it and that is to define history in many ways including those which suits us! Such as the history of our company, business, family, town, mohalla or of the street on which we live and so on…

If you think in this way you can get yourself self-motivated greatly and if you want to be happy, start thinking this way by creating history in your own area of influence or expertise and of your own liking.

No angel will come and whisper in your ears to create history! We have to listen to our own drum beat and get going.

I can put it in other words.

Each one of us wants to be superior than others and to be first. This is not always possible. The next best thing and easily achievable is to be superb in whatever we do. We must compete with ourself, no need with others. We must mark our own successes and failures against our goals and keep shifting it to move further and further to create our own history.

Be happy! ☺️


14 thoughts on “SELF MOTIVATION

  1. I agree with you. We only need to compete with ourself and encourage our own personal growth, there is no need for competition or superiority between us all. This will lead to each of our individual success, and a few failures along the way as we learn. Great blog!

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